Mission Statement

Our goal is to offer the highest quality composite staples, nails and related tooling for the woodworking, composite, cellular PVC fabricating, wood boat building, wood casket, and timber processing industries.

Our primary focus is to offer competitive options and fastening solutions to the market place that embrace a system selling approach of providing engineered composite fasteners and tools designed to work together to eliminate repetative labor processes, reduce manufacturing costs and increase product quality and production facility output. Our distribution partners will support the Red Hawk brand by providing local inventory, expert technical knowledge and superior customer service.

Metal Free

Red Hawk composite staples and nails can be used where steel staples and nails cannot be used due to moisture, metal detector use, sanding belts, saw blades, router bits, molder knives, Jewish Orthodox burial customs, and other applications where the fasteners cannot be removed after the manufacturing process has been completed.

Rust & Corrosion Free

Red Hawk composite staples and nails are 100% steel-free glass fiber reinforced polymer fasteners that will not rust or corrode. They do not cause wood deterioration, unsightly staining, or long-term degradation of the fasteners holding power.

Equipment Safe

Red Hawk composite staples and nails can be sanded, cut, and sawed without damaging sanding belts, saw blades, router bits, or molder knives. Reduce excessive wear and damage to production equipment due to accidental contact with steel staples and nails. Red Hawk composite staples and nails can be shaped like wood, stained, and painted. No need to remove fasteners. Saves time, labor, and maintenance costs.

Holding Power

Unlike steel staples and nails, Red Hawk composite fasteners permanently bond with the material being driven into creating up to 2X the holding power as compared with similar sized steel fasteners. This allows for the use of shorter fasteners without compromising holding power in thin, delicate, or attenuate applications.