Red Hawk Fasteners has partnered with several manufacturers that make it realistic and affordable to implement a composite fastener program regardless of commitments to automation or current label tagging programs. Red Hawk products can adapt to the following leading technologies.


Red Hawk composite staples will not set off metal detectors or create a false signal for metal debris.

Red Hawk composite fasteners will not rust, corrode or stain wood product assets; ensuring that inventories will not be damaged or devalued.

Red Hawk composite fasteners hold 2X stronger that similar sized steel staples and nails; tagged inventory will remained tagged throughout the storage and distribution process and lumber wrap will it a challenge to pull out the staples while driving down the highway.

Red Hawk composite fasteners will not degrade in sunlight, high heat conditions or cause interference in microwave and RF environments; essentially assures a long term problem free tagged product.

Red Hawk composite staples are not affected by ACQ pressure treated lumber concerns.


Log Tagging

Lumber Tagging

Lumber Wrapping


100% Steel and Metal free

Flash Bonds with wood fibres

UV resistant

High temperature resistance

Kraft pulping process compliant


The use of Red Hawk composite staples will greatly enhance the brand reputation and image of your finished products traveling down the highway or sitting in a lumber yard.

Production facilities will save capital investment dollars by reducing production downtime from additional wear and tear on saw blades and router bits.

Creating a “steel free” zone within a wood products facility safely increases productivity and net output which increases net profit.


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