Cellular PVC Fabrication

Red Hawk 15GA Finish Nails are perfect for use with cellular PVC adhesives to provide a temporary hold until the adhesive cures. Industrial fabricators benefit from the use of composite nails. Applications include




Custom Columns

Flower boxes


Window trim




Composite nails have zero adverse effect on final product appearance or performance.

Production facilities will save capital investment dollars by reducing production downtime and from additional wear and tear on sanding belts, saw blades and router bits.

Reduce workable waiting time while glued assemblies cure.

Creating a “steel free” zone within a wood products facility safely increases productivity and net output which increases net profit.


Red Hawk composite fasteners will not rust, corrode or stain woodworking projects.

Red Hawk composite fasteners hold 2X stronger that similar sized steel nails; A 3/8″ penetration into your substrate will provide maximum holding power

No clamping set up or waiting around. Just nail it and start.

Red Hawk composite fasteners can be machined like the material it is driven into and will not damage sanding belts, blades, or bits.

Red Hawk composite nails eliminate the drudgery of removing problematic fasteners and marring wood surfaces only to require matching the putty to the wood and preparing the surface for additional sanding.

White nails eliminate the need to putty unsightly nail holes and nail heads.


100% Steel and Metal free

Reduce clamping tools and screws

Reduce curing time workability

No need to remove

No need to repair imperfections

Sanding belt safe

Router bit safe

No rust or corrosion

Can be painted and stained

White nails are available


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