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Red Hawk composite fasteners will not rust, corrode or stain wood over time; ensuring a beautiful finish without black stains from moisture or tannic acids.

Red Hawk composite fasteners hold 2X stronger that similar sized steel staples and nails; great for quick holding of plywood or strips on your temporary forms and creating tight clamping forces while your adhesive cures.

Red Hawk composite fasteners reduce the need for clamps, metal nail and screw removal and wood putty fillers.

Red Hawk composite fasteners are not affected by caustic chemicals, salt water, or UV rays


100% Steel and Metal free

Flash Bonds with wood fibres

Sanding board, fairing tools, and saw blade safe.

Accepts stains and paints

Works well with Polyurethane and Epoxy


Eliminate the endless process of removing steel staples and nails.

Red Hawk composite staples and nails are sanded away during the fairing process leaving a smooth surface that is ready for painting, staining, painting or fiberglass.

Save time securing your materials to the frame. Red Hawk nails will provide the needed holding power while the material is under stress. No need to clamp. Additionally, when the hull is ready to be removed from the form; just pop it off.

Butt joints, scarf joints, bead and cove strips, stitch and glue applications are easily held together with Red Hawk finish nails. Epoxy curing times will no longer slow you down.


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